Our vast experience means that we’re able to offer a full range of services to your business including:

Permanent recruitment services

If you need a chef or senior management vacancy filled, let Saffron Vanilla do all the hard work for you our services include:

  • Advertising on our website job board
  • Advertising of your vacancy on social media portals, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Direct shares on specific trade social media groups
  • Vacancy advertised on for 28 days
  • We will market your vacancy and head hunt on your behalf via our CV database search
  • We will email you candidate CV’s
  • Arrange interview or job trial
  • Recruit on your behalf

We do all the hard work so you don’t have to. Our fee for finding the candidate that you need is payable only on placement and is a competitive % of the candidates annual remuneration.

No hidden fees, no hidden charges. Simple as that. We also offer a sliding scale of refunding of fees in the unlikely event that the candidate is not suitable.

Interim Professional Chefs

With over twenty years experience as an award winning chef I have collated a database of colleagues that Saffron Vanilla can supply you with. All of our Chefs are top of the range, highly experienced individuals who are geared toward your success.

  • Hand picked chefs with years of experience in top end establishments.
  • Chefs have been hand picked and vetted and most I have worked with personally.
  • Every chef has their own strength and speciality and we will cherry pick the best chef for your establishment based on these strengths and your needs.
  • You will not get a Jack of all trades and master of none.
  • You will get a highly skilled, experienced mature chef with a well developed knowledge of their craft.

Our relief chefs will travel all over the U.K and Ireland and beyond if necessary for your needs. Whatever your needs from stadium catering to fine dining restaurants, local authority care homes to Marquee events or just help with preparation or service at a local restaurant or pub we truly can service all your requirements. We can budget to your requirements and cater payments to suit your business needs.


Our Consultancy service is second to none, we can streamline your catering operation and help you and your team perform more efficiently.

  • Saffron Vanilla can transform your business in to a profitable money making machine with our bespoke consultancy package.
  • We will provide you with years of experience, access to our database of clients and contacts and use of our suppliers.
  • You will benefit from negotiated prices and terms and conditions resulting in a huge saving across the board. Introduce costing templates, H.A.C.C.A.P’s in line with local authority guidelines and standard operational procedures.
  • Onsite visits, on the job training, with our hands on approach we will put an arm around those who need to be developed, identify and strengthen your weaknesses and streamline your workforce.
  • We will help with menu development, complete recipe templates, full menu costings and standardisation of all dishes including quality photographs and methods.
  • Introduce efficiency across your kitchen saving you money on wastage and departmental payroll, while yielding you more profit from your menu.
  • The most competitive and complete packages around for our consultancy contact us via our contacts page and give as much information as possible.

What this means to you

  • Around the clock advice, site visits and business planning
  • Design of menu
  • Cost Control
  • H. A. C. C. P. implementation
  • S. O. P. S
  • GP% and margin control
  • Kitchen design and implementation
  • Introduction to my key contacts and suppliers guaranteeing huge savings across the board
  • Additional staff for busy periods supplied at your cost paid by Saffron Vanilla on receipt of payment by you
  • 100% profit from food and beverages
  • Future development business plans and design of future builds